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2 x Small 90m, 4000 DWAT,
Ro Ro with Stern & Forward
Starboard Side Door ID DC0359


56m Cargo / Passenger Vessel
with 185m3 Cargo Hold 5 ton
derrick ID PV0124


 78m Landing Craft /
Container Deck Ship in BV Class
ID LC0079


4 x 126.5 meter
Multi-Purpose Ro/Lo

ID DC0334

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  • Reference ID
  • Vessel Type
Modern, Front Structured, Twin Screw Heavy Lift, Multi Purpose Single Decker
  • Built
  • Flag
  • Class
American Bureau of Shipping
  • Tonnages
3200 mts DWAT - GT 1967/NT 820
  • Type
Multi purpose boxlike single-decker with bridge/accommodation fore and engine raft
  • Cranes
1 x 80 mts on starboard side, subject dimensions and lifting points and weight of lifting beam (vessel has no spreader/lifting beam onboard)
  • IMDG
Fully fitted for carriage of Class I cargoes
  • Dimensions
Loa/beam/draft: 69.80m/17.60m/4.65m
  • Airdraft
Fully loaded/in ballast: about 18m/about 20m
  • Capacity
About 3098 cbm bale
  • Hatch
1 hatch - pontoon hatch-covers weather-deck 36.40 x 12.80m
SQM: Tanktop 476 sqm/Weather-aft-deck 525 sqm
  • Hold
1 boxlike double skinned cargo hold with steel tanktop: 38.40 x 12.80m
Height tanktop to under hatch covers: 6.00m
  • Hold equipment
Electrical ventilation, about 6 air changes per hour (basis empty hold), CO2 system, sprinkler system and smoke detectors
  • Container intake
Fitted for upto 126 TEU - 58 under/68 on deck/hatch, intake always subject to vessels trim/stability/visibility and permissible weights
  • Homogeneous intake
12/14/16/18/20 mts per unit, intake 126/126/118/105/94 units
  • Stack loads
TEU: hatch/tanktop: 15 mts/30 mts/50 mts
FEU: hatch/tanktop: 15 mts/50 mts
  • Reefer plugs
10 reefer plugs 380 V/50 c - on aft deck
  • Permissible loads
Max 1.50 mts/sqm on hatch - 7.00 mts/sqm on tanktop
  • Main engine
2 Cummins type KTA 38M2, each 882 kW = total 1764 kW - twin propellers
  • Speed/consumption           
About 10.0 knots on about 5.0 mts gasoil (ISO 8217 of 1996 - max density 0.86 and max sulphur 0,21)
Speed and consumption figures based on max 2 beaufort, calm sea, deep waters, neutral current and subject to vessels trim & stability.
  • Port consumption
About 0.3 mts idle/about 0.6 mts working
  • Tank capacities
291 cbm gasoil/124 cbm fresh water/1047 cbm water ballast
  • Bow thruster
  • Price
Keen Sellers
While the above vessel was represented to us as being available at listing it cannot be assumed that it will still be available on inquiry. It is therefore essential that availability is reconfirmed. The particulars and specifications are supplied by the vendor at the time of listing and not Auckland Shipbrokers Limited. Such information has not been verified and may be incorrect. Please do not rely on particulars and specifications unless you have verified their accuracy.


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